NetLog ONLINE Manual

Thank you for using NetLog.
NetLog outputs a log from the application that was produced in Unity, is a tool to display the log in the Windows / OSX.

NetLog will to resolve this kind of "Getting Help!".

1: Log output of Unity is very hard to see!

Need is an essential log output to the development, but the log output Unity provides is very hard to see in what the necessary minimum.

With NetLog 
A large amount of logs are also very easy to see, you can quickly extract only the required log from a huge log further if you use a "filter function" and "search function". Development efficiency greatly up is possible.

2: I want to see the log, such as had been seen in the PC when running under the actual equipment

... Operation is funny if you look at the emergency actual check also the end of the PC. I want and do not you thought looking at the log, such as had been seen in the PC when such an actual machine?

With NetLog 
It can also be displayed in the same way when you are running a log that had been seen in the PC in the actual equipment. Please extensive use during debugging.

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Change history

  • 2014/12/10
    • Initial version was released.

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SERIALGAMES was founded in February 2000 with the aim of realization of "providing enjoyment through person-to-person communication.

Over the past 10 years we have been involved in planning and design and development of a variety of content and solutions that is not limited to game content development, including web services, and in addition we have continued to produce entertainment content, which is capable of being deployed on numerous platforms.

We have been supporting everyone's business through our strengths, which include back-end server development and cutting costs on and operations in particular, as well as business function building assuming wide-ranging development

Going forward we will devote ourselves to the appeal and pursuit of enjoyment of making things, so that we can further the happiness of many people.


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Tokyo Mishin Kaikan Building 4F 1-21-4, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo


February 2000


Tadashi Yoshizawa, President


11,000,000 yen

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26 (as of 2018/10/23)