License Agreement

This software product of SerialGames (including related documents, hereinafter the "Product") belongs to SERIALGAMES Inc. ("SerialGames").
Before installation and use of the Product, please read this License Agreement carefully. Agreement to this License Agreement is assumed upon use of the Software by the customer.

1. Intellectual Property Rights

  • The Product is intellectual property belonging to SERIALGAMES Inc. (“SerialGames”). Rather than being assigned to the customer, the Product is licensed to the customer. The customer shall approve and agree to the following points:
    • (a) The Product is protected under the Copyright Act and other laws and regulations of Japan.
    • (b) SerialGames retains all copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the Product.
    • (c) No implied license is granted to the customer under the License Agreement, and all rights not expressly stated in this Agreement shall be retained by SerialGames.
    • (d) The customer will not acquire intellectual property rights or any other rights, except for the rights under the License Agreement.
    • (e) If any reproduction of the Product is generated, intellectual property rights thereto shall belong to SerialGames. The customer shall agree to state no objection to the intellectual property rights of SerialGames to the Products at any time or in any place in the world and to state no objection to the effectiveness of the rights owned by SerialGames in the Products. In addition, the customer has no right to use trademarks or service marks that belong to SerialGames.


2. General provisions relating to grant of license

  • 2.1 Grant of license
    • SerialGames will grant license to use the Product to the customer subject to observance of the License Agreement and use only for the purpose of logging within customer-specific applications. The customer may use the Product or copyrighted works irrespective of whether or not such be for commercial use.
  • 2.2 Scope of use
    • Personal, non-exclusive, and limited license to use the Product will be granted to one person in the organization of the customer (the “Designated User”). Excluding the exceptions specified in 2.3, this license may not be assigned.In the case where the Designated User is only one individual to whom the use of the Product is licensed, the Product may be installed on a reasonable number of computers.The customer may distribute the copyrighted works of the customer to other persons subject to observance of this License Agreement. Excluding those rights especially granted to the customer under this Agreement, SerialGames shall retain any and all rights.
  • 2.3 Exceptional assignment of license
    • Only in the case where the license is acquired by a corporation, if the execution of operations becomes impossible due to turnover or death, etc. of the Designated User, the license may be assigned to other one person.The individual who receives the assignment will be a new Designated User and will be deemed to have agreed to this License Agreement.


3. Prohibition of reverse-engineering

    • Analysis of the programs by such methods as reverse-engineering, etc. and use of the internals of the Product by the customer is prohibited. Furthermore, the customer must not instruct, compel or request, etc. a third party to conduct reverse-engineering.Reverse-engineering shall include analysis by dump display, trace debugger, reverse-assembly, reverse-compiling, or any other extraction of source code (not limited thereto, however).

4. Other rights

    • Concerning license provisions for use and distribution of re-distributable files other than those stated in this License Agreement, please make an inquiry to SerialGames.

5. Disclaimer

    • SerialGames shall assume no liability whatsoever for any and all losses incurred by the customer in connection with the product.SerialGames shall assume no guarantee responsibility for the correctness, legality and efficiency, etc. of information obtained through the use of the Product.SerialGames shall give no operational guarantee in connection with the Product. SerialGames shall be exempted from liability and shall defend itself and its employees, executives, directors or affiliated companies so as not to suffer any damage from any claim or liability arising out of or in relation to the Products.

6. Liability for damage

    • In the case where Serial Games suffers damage due to the commission of an act by the customer in breach of this License Agreement, SerialGames may claim damage compensation from the customer, and the customer shall immediately pay the amount demanded to SerialGames.

7. Amendment to this License Agreement

    • SerialGames may amend or revise the contents of this License Agreement when necessary without prior notice to the customer.If the customer is unable to agree to this License Agreement after amendment, the customer must not uninstall and use the Product.